A male breakup?

What kind of things boys do / think / feel during a breakup? I've just split up with my first boyfriend and first love and I'm devastated. . It was out of the blue and now he's being so cold and blunt towards me!


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  • Probably the same things women do only we aren't as emotional usually about them. We still feel the feelings but we'll ignore them and not focus on them usually. It depends on the circumstances to of course.


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  • The same things that girls go through, but since most guys are taught to repress their feelings, he'll never show you that side of him when he's hurt.

  • Don't worry. Female "devastation" in break ups don't last 1 month.

    • yep u right lol i was over mine after i cry 30 min punched a tree and said fuck it dont need him to be happy and was done

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