Did my girlfriend go back to her ex?

My girlfriend broke up with me of 4.5 months.. and it's been 5 days since and no contact and magically her ex and her are following Eachother again on Instagram after she blocked me from everything.. I want her back but it's up to her to intiatate. Also if that's the case I'm never going back then... The worst part is I work with her.. If that's the case.


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  • I'd ask right out. Assumption gets you nowhere, so just ask her at work. If she says yes, tell her good luck with him and then move along.

    • I find it fishy why after 3 days it happened her ex which she had to accept the request on Instagram then a day later she follows him back? Will she realize what she's done... I've treat her like gold and everything.

    • @Hockey52 I realize that those who leave others who treat them well will eventually come to terms that they have made a mistake. Some people have to learn the hard way, no matter how many red flags you see. While it may look fishy, be sure not to make your self available to her. I'm sure you won't, but I don't think it'll be a wise decision to be kept on the back burner.

    • No i have not attempted any contact. The day of the breakup is was random most of her friends unfollowed me on instagram and she blocked me everywhere. I dont understand. But I hope its not the case how i look at it. Because then i won't ever go back. But just feels weird why 3 days later her ex follows her and she follows him back a day later. She still follows my sister and my friends.. I work with her as well. i will not contact her at all unless she does first.

  • Maybe she did get back with her ex, or maybe she's trying to make you jealous


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