My ex girlfriend have depression and broke up with me (again) ... now she is trying to get my attention... what to do?

We had a relationship for almost a year... she told me that she had depression and now she feels better (however she still having)... she broke up with me 4 times in 2 months for silly reasons... every time it was worst for me (For example first time broke up for 1 day...2nd for 3 days... etc) and she was calling me back saying that she wants me back... now she broke up with me and told me that she is tired of spending her time with talking to me (however she wants to talk with me). She said that we can't be friends but she wants to talk with me such as nothing happened (but not to be together).

Now she is trying to get my attention with silly ways like walking in front of me "calling to someone" or while I talk with a friend she is coming and ignores me and talk with my friend... you know... she is trying to show that she is okay... but she is not... when I am not near her she is not "smiling" or have any energy to do something...

I tried to talk with her... but she said we will never be together again... and she is not feeling anything for me (as she said 4 times again in the past)... She also said that I have to stay with people of my level (One Month before she couldnt believe that we were together)... On the other hand she is watching me every time... and when I See her she is trying to show that she wasn't watching
She wants me in her life she said... but not as friend... and not as boyfriend... just talking as we were doing before our relationship... what to do? I know now she is not doing anything... not studying... not going out... and she didn't get any treatment for her depression before she thinks she is okay... However once per week... she is crying in school since she broke up with me... and she said that i have finished for her... We are both 18...

Sorry for my English... and thanks for your time... :p


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  • sorry to hear about what you are going threw i went threw something similar with a family member. i just wanted to say it doesn't get any easier to deal with only harder. thing will not change untill they seek out and except help, you can not do that for them. with what you described it sounds like here is more going on than you think it almost sounds like it she is bipolar with is a different condition. it also seems like she turmoil is normal for her and if things are going smooth she doesn't know how to react, so she changes it to there is some.
    i would suggest for your mental health is to separate from her and move on to a more stable relationship

    • Hmmm... the fact is that I wanted to help her... I mean I visited a psychologist to talk about her problem... and he said me If she calls me again I have to make her to decide... Me and some "help" to improve our relationship or nothing... and I dont know If she is going to call again... She is 18 and behaving like a 10 years old child... For now... I am ignoring her and focus on my studies...

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  • You are being used, follow your guts, move on
    You deserve better you know that,
    Being lonely desprate is much much better than being lonely hurt


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