Is it bad that im going to break up with my boyfriend before university?

here's the thing, my boyfriend is amazing he really is, he treats me so good but the thing is that I dont see a future between us. Is it bad that im going to break up with him before university? I went into highschool in a relationship that was just complete disaster and it ruined my experience at highschool. I just dont want to go in the same boat as I did. I want to meet new people and not be tied down, not to mention i want to focus on my studies better. But i feel terrible saying im going to break up with him at the end of the summer. Like i want to go to prom with him, and soend my summer with him but im looking at the long run, a new start to my life and im not sure if i should go into it single or with him.


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  • If you see no future, break up NOW. Don't be a bitch and use him for your entertainment until summer is over. Don't do that.

  • No future in sight? No sense in feeling bad.


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