Gagers, do you have any ex (s) if so why did you break up?

I am a very good judge of character. I can easily figure out if we are compatible or not and if the guy is truly genuine. So I don't get why so many marriages come to an end, women spread their legs for a man and have his kids then become a single mom.


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  • some women have low standards and a poor judge of character. They spread their legs for a thug who eventually becomes a deadbeat father and leaves her.


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  • I have 5 exes.
    Reasons why I broke up with them:
    1) I started liking another girl.
    2) I started liking another girl.
    3) I started liking another girl.
    4) I was moving so I had to break up.
    5) I didn't find her attractive, and I learned we had almost nothing in common.

    People get married or have kids way too early in the relationship, that's why many fail, because later when you know each other better, you discover you're not right for each other, so now you have to divorce.

    • so you basically didn't love any of your exes.

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    • you were too young to be in a relationship!!!

    • Well... I started when I was 11, so yeah, I will agree with you, I was too young.

  • I guess by ex you mean serious relationship so in that case :
    1- cheated on me ! ...
    2- appeared to be a gold digger..
    3- was mixing work with life..
    4- was holding the negativity from work family and friends then expressing it on me


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  • The reason this happens is that there are some pretty good liars out there. Not everyone is as good at you at detecting the lies.

    Sometimes people's judgement is clouded because they really like the person.

    In my situation, I was lied to by a guy who I thought loved me. I loved him very much, and he hurt me badly. Thankfully I didn't have any kids with him. But it's easy for people to get caught up in that. Especially after what I went through.

    Some people are really great liars. Or they just have no soul and feel it's perfectly okay to completely deceive people. It's scary the types of people who are out there.

    I have a few ex bf's. My most recent one cheated on me. He was a good liar, and made me feel he cared greatly for me.

    • I have two older brothers. They gave me a unique understanding of men at a very early age. I can easily tell if someone is inherently good or not. I think evaluating someone's personality is not that hard but women have to pick very wisely.

    • You're lucky you had two older brothers. But there are plenty of women out there who did not have older brothers or good father figures to teach them about men. I think this might have something to do with it.

  • I don't understand either


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