What can I text my ex? Just to say hi?

I dated this guy last year around April to June and we clicked and got along great. We were monogamous and everything, but unfortunately we broke up because he moved away to another state. I could not speak to him since but since it has been 9 months, I have felt better towards it.

When I happened to match with his friend on Tinder, and he mentioned him and it was quite awkward and I did not want to talk about him. Even though that was a couple of months ago.

What can I text him to just say hi? Like "hey how have you been? Hope you are doing well"?
I never got a response from him so he must have a girlfriend or doesn't want to talk anymore. Whatever though. It is honestly just good closure.


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  • why open old wounds?

    Just leave it alone, and move on.


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