Why would my exboyfriend text me this?

So I have been dating my ex for two years. We had a fight and broke up. He said he never wanted to see me again and left me there outside. That evening I went to his house 2 times cause I felt bad but he wasn't there. Next day I went over to his place cause I felt bad for saying mean things to him. But he said I could better go home. He said he didn't want to talk to me but he still got inside with me. If he really didn't want to why did he let me inside? He didn't want to accept my apology. I asked him if he loved me he said no. The next day he Texted me in the middl of the night saying that he wanted to let me know that he didn't break up with me because he didn't love me but because he thought the relationship wasn't working. And that he said he didn't love me because he didn't want me giving hope we would make it up ( we fight a lot, but usually we would talk About breaking up but then make it up again). Why would he text me this after he broke up with me didn't want to talk to me and accept my apology? Does it seem like he wants to get back together? I dont even know what to reply to thus?
Oh i forgot one big thing. The day I went to his house and he didn't want to listen to my apology. He said he felt netter after the break up and finally had the feeling he could breathe ( we used to see each other almost every day) but if he really was that happy About breaking up why did he still text me saying that other stuff


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  • I think he's getting tired of the crazy cycle of fighting and making up... what you have to realize is not every relationship is going to work out... And it sounds like you two are developing or have developed a very unhealthy relationship that does not benefit either of you and only causes pain. I think if he tells you to leave him alone and he doesn't want to be with you, he's probably saying it out of hurt... and he's probably trying to release himself from it by letting you go.
    Does this mean he doesn't love you? No... That's not what it means... What it means is that he's smart enough to know when to cut his losses for his own sanity and well-being.
    How many cycles of crazy do people need to go through before they call it quits for good?

  • There isn't anything to be confused about here. He texted you that 'cause he didn't want you to think that he hates you or anything like that. Saying you don't love someone can be really hurtful and he probably still does care about you and isn't trying to hurt you with his words. However, I really don't think that he wants to get back together with you, cause like he said, he doesn't feel as though you guys are working.

    Sometimes when couples fight a lot and just don't see eye to eye on things, it can be hard to be with the person when it doesn't feel like things are going smoothly or if you two are even happy together. Fights happen for a lot of reasons and if they're constantly there it makes it hard to be around the other person. I'm sure that maybe he does still love you but he just got sick of all the fighting and how chaotic everything seemed.

    That's just what I think anyway.

    • Oke hmm what should I say in response? I really want to just talk to him, not About getting back together. But I dont think he will want to

    • He won't want to. Really the only thing that you can say is that you understood what is he trying to say and that's about it. If he wants to try things again then I don't doubt he will make the effort to but honestly, he doesn't really want to try at all anymore it seems.

  • LOL, NO. He does NOT wanna get back together, wth? This is plain and simple, NO hidden message. He doesn't want you to think he hates you, but he doesn't think you guys work together, that's it.

    • But why would he even care to send me that? I never thought he hated me after the break up anyway. He asked me if I wanted to stay friend the day we broke up I said no. The day when I visited him I asked if he wanted to stay friends he said no and then quickly said maybe when we're more independent

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