Ex broke me and left me in the gutter?

This isn't so much a question, its more how do i pick myself up? Its been rocky for about a month, he's been accusing me everyday and likewise i have too. Something in me said he'd done something, but maybe it was the guilt of me going on tinder when he told me to "F off dont ever contact me again.. you're dead to me.. etc etc"..
The past couple of days I've been thinking more and more there was someone else he was seeing, I've known him long enough and from past experience of him doing it, I know the signs. he's been playing mind games, the push and pull thing for about a week now. And today he suddenly changes, a few days ago he told me he hated going out and wasting money, but today he says to me "F off, i'm going out dont contact me again".. which gets my back up and i call back after he hangs up. but he blanks my calls.. and again.. this goes on for hours and randomly he picks up.. and shouts and then hangs up!
He has left me in tears, begging him on voicemails to pick up! I hate girls like this, and now i'm one of them! I know he was with someone else because he always picks up the phone, in the two years i've known him, he has only ever done this once when he was with a married woman. I'll never forgive him, I just dont know how to get over it in myself and not go running back to him.


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  • sorry for what you've been though. that guy play with your mind, cuz he know that you'll run back to him, which mean you're his backup plan ( sorry for harsh word).
    he want be the first person you call when you get upset. he want be the one who put that smile back on your face, and this is called (playing mind games).

    but he's not even worth it. he's not worth your time or your tears. I know you loved him, I know that. but why should you spend all your time sitting at home, bawling your eyes out and wondering where he is and who he is with. do you honestly think he is thinking about you? (No)
    do you really wanna hear that? off course no. (don't lie to yourself, even if it a white lie, cuz when you moving away from the truth, you're actually moving away from your soul and that will make frustrated. be honest with yourself).

    cur contact, delete his number and delete him from your life.
    start over with forgiving yourself and him (to set yourself free and to launch the past anger and broken feelings away), that's will make you have enough courage to flips the table and control your life back again ( to get back to you).

    take time and space to cope your feelings, and start fresh to fly free like a bird.

    Good luck...

  • his behavior will never change and he doesn't deserve the love, happiness you represent and offer in a relationship. i know it is hard to give up on something you have worked so hard on but for you happiness and well being you need to look at this as a chance to turn the page and start a better chapter in your life were someone will treat you as the wonderful loving person you truly are.


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  • It's really hard, but you need to think that he chose someone else over you. You don't want to be his back-up or the girl he comes to just fuck with whenever he is bored.

    Think beyond him, try to see that there's many possibilities. What I did to try move on was look for the perfect guy I've ever wanted - in looks that is, it helps trust me, because why settle when you can find your perfect dream guy. Just think of how much better it would be to have the guy that puts you first, all he cares about is you, that is what you want - and that in itself should help not go running back to him.


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