Were his reasons for breaking up a lie!? I need closure...should I call? HELP PLEASE

So Its been a month since my ex and I broke up...and I keep thinking of the reasons he gave me for breaking up and the more I think about them the less sense they make

so when we broke up he told me he was doing for me, than he said he thought he was ready for a relationship but he wasn't and he was sorry for pushing me into one, then he said that he couldn't take the distance between us and not being able to see each other, that he really loved me and meant everything he ever told me but that he liked me but only 80% of what he originally did...and that he had never tried with a girl and he did with me but he could feel himself not trying anymore.

so now I'm lost if the reasons he gave me where real and sincere or if he left me because he doesn't love me anymore or if he left me for another girl.

also...is it a bad idea to call him and ask him if he really told me the truth about why he broke up with me(I just really need closure to help me get over him faster). The problem is I really want to be with him again (which I don't know if there is even a chance of that happening) so I don't want to call and ruin my chances. what should I do...and what do you guys think?...plz help me I don't kno what to do anymore.
*I have hope left because he promised me when we were breaking up that we would try our relationship out again in the future...I honestly think he had been in love with me but I'm not so sure about towards the end...so did he say this to be nice or did he


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What Guys Said 1

  • Does it matter what the reason was? For whatever reason he does not want a relationship, at least not now. If there is to be something in the future, it is up to him to initiate it then.

    Remember, it is difficult to figure out what is going on in people's mind and often people give incorrect reasons for their actions. Sometimes they themselves do not know.

    There is nothing you can do to change the current situation since, most likely, it is not your fault. Things change and you should learn to accept this.

    This is the reason why marriage was invented. There is enough stake so that people give it a try to make it work. If there are no obligations, it depends on the person's whim and fancy.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's an absolutely bad idea to call him and try to get him to explain himself better. It sounds to me like he clumsily tried to give you a "hodge podge" of reasons for wanting to break up with you, when in actuality, he just wanted to break up. If he's not ready for a relationship and he isn't crazy about you (which is what you deserve...somebody crazy about you), let him go. He sounds like a real jerk, and you deserve better


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