Why ex situation?

y ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago we are in contact I've been ignoring her text so she stopped texting then put my whatsapp setting to private make her think I've blocked her then she is dong the same she hasent blocked me then today she opened all the lines of communications back up again Facebook whatsapp everything why?


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  • she's trying so hard to get your attention while you keep ignoring her.
    but what happen?

    • But why is she trying to? What does she want from and we had a argument she dumped me then I beged and try to convince her but got rejected twice so I left it now I don't give her attention at all never text her she most times block me then unblock me like today all lines of communication are open again.

    • she walked around and didn't find the right guy for her... and hey.. she got your number.. let me send him a signs to get his attention to see that I'm free.
      but the question is do you want her back? cuz she'll try to build a temporary relationship with you until she find the guy that she looking for.

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