My ex changed a lot, and it makes me really sad?

My ex used to be the sweetest guy ever. he cared deeply about me and it showed. he always did things to make me happy and he treated me very well. we had a few issues due to him lying but nothing we couldnt talk through. one day, he started to change. he cheated on me and dumpbed me. now, all he cares about is drinking and being with friends. he lost all feelings for me. he parties all the time and joined a frat. he is dating a girl in a sorority. he's really mean to me now, too. why did this happen?


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  • He probably just moved on. I mean it is over between you two. Also there is probably something your not telling us, maybe he got tired of something you were doing.

    • something I was doing like what?

    • he told me it wasn't anything I did, that he just wanted to be single

    • No idea then. The only thing you can really do is move on, and find someone new. That relationship you two had, is dead.

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  • Forget him. He's not thinking about you so don't waste your time.


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  • You need to move on, your ex did not really care about you if he cheated on you. If you focus on what you ex is doing, you will be miserable. It is very hard to let of the person we love, but a lot of times we have to do it.

  • Maybe he is just showing his real personality. No one changes so much suddenly at least that they were like that before.


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