Ladies, have you cheated, confessed, and then been completely faithful after?

I'm dealing with some stuff at the moment (you can find my other question on here if you are really interested) and I would really like to hear some input from any ladies who have cheated, confessed, been taken back, and then stayed faithful for the rest of the relationship. I need to know if it's possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, please take the time to answer, even if you weren't able to be faithful after, I want to hear from you as to why.

Thanks again.


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  • Okay, so I am new to this site. And I'm not sure if I am entering this is the right spot but anyways. Yes I know that this is possible. About a year ago I cheated on my current boyfriend of about two years. I felt horrible about what happened so I told him. I have never hurt anyone like this before and it was the first time I had ever cheated on any boyfriend, and it was only once. I swore to him that I would never do that to him again because I couldn't deal with hurting him like that ever again. I have been true to my promise, and will never cheat again. It's not easy though because he still does not forgive me, and it's been over a year and I still haven't gained all of his trust back yet. But if you think that your relationship is worth it, it is definitely worth working through. You will always have that voice in the back of your head that says "what if she is cheating again" but over time if she really is faithful to you then it will get easier. Of course this is only if she really stays true to her promise of never doing it again. It can be done, if and only if she never cheats on you again. I hope that this helped! :)


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  • i think it is definitely possible. I'm pretty sure if she's confessed she definitely has strong feelings for you. and she's probably learnt her lesson, if she hadnt confessed, then that shows she isn't really interested in you.

    • Well that's what's hard to know, she didn't confess and let me tell you what went down.

      She texted a friend and said what she'd done and she couldn't believe she did it and how she was so scared that I wouldn't forgive her (I'm paraphrasing a bit, but I have the texts).

      This friend started laying into her for cheating and she finally told her that she had told me and not to speak to her anymore (she hadn't told me).

      The friend is also my friend and found out that she had lied about telling

    • (ran out of space) - The friend is also my friend and found out that she had lied about telling me and so the friend told me. Now my girlfriend swears that she was going to tell me within 24 hours, she just wanted a little time to try and figure out why she did it.

      But, anyway, I'm really looking for answers to the question I posted above, not trying to rehash why she did it, I already did that on another post.

  • mm okaay, but it is almost definite that she will never cheat again I think.


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