I'm really not sure?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a few weeks. We have been on 2 dates and he's really sweet. He's always saying I love you but I'm really not sure if I love him back. There's just something about him that bugs me, if u know what I mean. I have been thinking about breaking up with him but we go to a youth club together and it would make it really awkward. I'm also bad with break ups and don't like hurting people. I'm not sure what to do!


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  • 1. He loves you after 2 dates? That is a very strong sign that he is the needy, clingy, dependent type. Your gut instincts are trying to tell you what to do.

    2. Before dating someone, always consider the prospects f what will happen if it doesn't work out. Will there be awkward situations?

    3. If you need help with breaking up, read myTake on the subject:


  • If it isn't working out then it's best if you breakup sooner than later. You will only lead him on and cause more heartbreak for him.


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