Can't decide whether to move on from my ex or not?

we've been texting for 2 weeks straight casually, then decided to meet up. we've met up 3 times. she tells me she still has feelings for me. but then she tells me she needs time, then she tells me she can't do this, then meets up with me multiple times.

i met a new girl, and she knows. i texted her one day "whats up?" and all she said was "you think i'm dumb huh?" and stopped answering me.

basically she's indecisive, unclear, and playing games. its really playing with my emotions. i know she still cares and somewhere inside she still wants this.. but i'm not sure if its worth it.

should i move on and invest in this new girl entirely? there is a lot of potential between us...


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  • That line "You think I'm dumb huh"? Sounds as though she really believe you two had a relationship going and she found out you are seeing a girl now so she may be reading that as cheating. All I can say is to meet up or text and tell her your intentions and find out hers. If she is reluctant or fails to give you proper response then forget her and move on

    • and she did. i met up with her a few times. i told her my intentions. one day she says she needs time, the next day she tells me she can't do this, the next day she meets up with me for drinks. that happend throughout this entire week. she was indecisive. maybe she needs time, maybe we will get back together but maybe not. either way i wouldn't sit and wait for the small chance of us getting back.

    • she seems a bit unstable and like she cannot make up her mind. Did the relationship end on bad terms the first time? Is she in a relationship right now? If NO is the answer then I dont see the problem. Either way, I would move on.

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  • When you break up, you say goodbye and then you never talk to the person again. When people play around at breaking up, they are often using the break up as a manipulation to force their partner to do something in the relationship. It doesn't sound like you are really ready to move on from the prior girl. And there is probably zero potential with the new one, since you are still hung up on the previous one and you are just rebounding or using the new one to make the previous one jealous.

    • i'll call her in a few days. if she gives a 'no' as the final answer i will officially move on and invest in this new girl. im still hung up on my ex cause she hasn't given me a final answer yet

  • Just move on your ex sounds like drama


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