Strange Break Up after 3 months... opinions?

I had been dating a guy for just over 3 months; he did everything I didn't know I wanted - regular contact, setting up dates before the end of the date, but the last few weeks have been different in terms of communication. I heard from him less frequently. We met today and I talked to him about it and said that I liked him and spending time with him and I was interested in seeing what could develop, but lately things were off. He blamed his work schedule, and said his priority was work, then working out (because he's unhappy with himself physically), then a relationship. He also said he didn't think he could see anything long term with me, and I basically agreed - saying I didn't feel like I met my husband, but I wanted to see what happened with him. He suggested that we stay friends, but I said only if he meant it and that I couldn't be friends immediately. He asked me to get lunch, and I agreed, but as soon as we started to decide where to go, he switched and said no to lunch because he was feeling "too emotional". I asked what he meant and he said he was sad, so we ended up parting ways with a hug and "see you." I wasn't very upset in the moment, as I had cried about it before, but it was an odd breakup. I don't plan on reaching out to him, I'm just going to see what happens. Not expecting anything. Does it make sense to want to hang out more after breaking up? Within minutes of breaking up? He seemed genuinely sad when we parted ways too.


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  • Maybe he has someone else and he was upset because of feeling guilty about what he has done

  • He was trying to let you down easy... Just move on.


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