Suggestions for getting over my ex?

We were together for about 2.5 years, been apart for like 9 months now, and I've made out with like 3 other people and had sex with one. But I have no interest in a relationship with anyone else and still miss my ex. I've been going out with other people to try it out, but I promptly informed them all that I wasn't interested in a relationship. I'm still friends with my ex but we only talk like once every other week and she's dating someone else.

Am I just being impatient? Any suggestions for getting over the mental block of "how will I ever care about someone else this much"?


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  • Join the club, there's no real remedy to share. If you're looking forward on leaving her behind you are on the right path, stay focused and she'll be a distant memory before you know it. Good luck :( it's really hard I've been struggling like hell. It sucks.


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  • The reason you can't get over her is because you are still in contact with her. The only way your feelings will fade and pain will ease is if you cut all means of contact with her.

    Sometimes you just have to let go of some people... not coz you don't care , but because they don't and it's keeping your pain raw. It's preventing you moving on. Holding on is much more painful than letting go. Once you let go of her by cutting contact then you'll learn to live without her, and eventually see a future with someone else

    • Hmm, I understand why you say that but we really don't talk very much at all. I said every other week but it's not even on the phone, it's just by text or Skype messages and usually only for like 5 minutes. I'll think about that though.

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    • Yeah that's true but also we have several mutual friends and some of them are my best friends, it would be weird to stop all contact I think...

    • Than you'll just have to control your own emotions. You have no other choice

  • Why did you break up?

    • Well I was in fact unhappy with our relationship because she was living with me for free, did not have a job or any interest in finding one, did not have a car, did not go out by herself, did not really help much to maintain the house, etc., and I told her that I can't keep doing that because it makes me feel like her mom instead of romantic partner. And that it's not good for her own well being. I didn't insist that we break up. just that something has to change, but I guess it was easier for her to break up and find someone else.

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