Guys, why would he express feelings and then ignore me?

My ex left me about a year ago. We have remained "friends" and he has been in a couple relationships and is currently in one. A few nights ago, he text me out of nowhere and said that he still loves me, he's not happy, he made a mistake by leaving, etc... but the past couple days he has ignored me. After he sent those texts, I responded with a couple of heartfelt messages and he replied saying he is trying to make sense of it? Per him, he was not drunk nor having a fight with his girlfriend. What does it all mean?


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  • i think in someways he still has some feelings for you. but has no idea what he truly wants. personally i would move on and find someone who is sure they want to be with you and will love you as much as you love them, with all the games he is playing


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  • that guy is looking for a temporary source of fun. wait and you'll see.


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