Do you think you can get stuck in the 'Relationship Zone' ?

I. E. When someone is attracted to you, from the beginning & they never intended on being JUST FRIENDS, & if you do not want to date them, they are not interested in having anything to do with you?

I do not tend to put friends into categories as datable or non datable but I notice lots of people do & I have been a victim to both ends quite a few times.


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  • Frankly, if I'm really interested in someone and they don't want to date me, I don't want to be their friend because it's too DIFFICULT. Being their friend means I have to watch them date OTHER people, and I may be tempted to compare myself to this other person... In situations where one friend likes the other, friendship from the adored person just seems like a runner-up prize; as if I should be so HONORED that they'd still want to be my friend.

    Not being friends with someone who has rejected you is just freaking easier to deal with.

    • But it could be kind of insulting for the person you wanted to date, I mean if they REALLY wanted to be friends, & you do not seem to care or respect them enough to like them a a person.

      I do not like to date anyone I did not like enough to be friends with them, so it is hard for me to except people who want to date me, not wanting to be my friend.

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  • I think you can and it's a completely fabricated state of mind seeing as if you think, "This guy/girl is the love of my life!" you're going to constantly want to date them whereas if you're a bit more realistic about things, it's a lot easier.

    • Yeah, to me, I just do not understand , how someone could throw away a friendship,just cause someone won't DATE them.

      Relationships usually do not out are a friendship, so really to me, it is like saying, you are not that important to me, & I really do not like you hat much as a PRSON.

      I would not be able to trust someone who turned like that.. Even if I start to LIKE them - I would not trust them.

      I think it is HORRIBLE to think of people in categories.

      - A bit of a tantrum -actually.^^

  • I'm sure it's possible although I've never experienced it myself. I usually give up after a couple months or so and then resign myself to just being friends with the girl, and I'm cool with that.


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  • Well this has happened to me before and I just put them in the friend category. And if you tell them you just want to be friends then if they like you they will be friends and honestly try to get to know you better so. But just do whatever you feel like, if you feel like their a boyfriend/girlfriend material then date them but if their friend material then be friends with them

    • I am thinkng of situations, wher someone will want to date you, but if yu do not want to, they do not want to be your riend.

      I can not date people, that I do not like as a friend, so it is hard for me to understand people who can just throw away a friend, just cause they dit date them.

      There is just no comparison, to loosing a friend, & just not dating someone.

      & If I were to suddenly LKE them, I could not trust them to date.

      -I would know that they did not care enough about me as a PERSON,

  • This happened to me with a guy friend. He liked me, I didn't like him, and we stayed friends for a few years. I tend not to get into a lot of relationships, so when I did get a boyfriend, everything kind of fell apart with my guy friend. It's understandable, honestly. No matter how much they like you as a person or how much they would have wanted to be just friends otherwise, it's just painful to be in that situation. If it hurts to be around that person, how can you stay friends?

    • Well, thank you for remindingme that it is not necesarily because they do not like you as a person, that they do not want tobe friends... But well :

      " If it hurts to be around that person, how can you stay friends? " I can't answer HOW but I DO, which is why, when someone ELSE won't stay friends, I get the idea, they must not realy LIKE me, cause they could just thro it away.. I stay friends with people I LIKE & people who LIKE me.. Funny thing is tho, both sides at some point just can't.

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