Need advice/insight on a recent break up with my Ex girlfriend. Help?

We dated for 8 months a year ago and we had a bad breakup. She initiated. She reached out and we started talking. I was hesitate because it turned toxic last time. Coincidentally I got a job in the same state previously so things lined up. We did long distance for a month (jan to feb). She wanted me to prove myself and my commitment to her so I started to spoil her and give her gifts and helped pay part of her rent. She loved everything. We had an understanding we were working towards strengthening things until I moved. She even said she loved me a 2 weeks ago randomly. She would get pissed if we had arguements and would block me if I tried to call and if she was mad she would try to degrade me saying things like Im destructive that Im too old to be petty etc. Afterwards I would have to make her smile again (her words) so I bought her gifts to show affection.
After everything she turns around and says she wants to date other people and she does not want to pursue a relationship with me right now. (In text) So I called and she blew me off the phone and said to text. I suggested to see her in person. She said that me moving felt creepy and uncomfortable. So I just went off and said hurtful things that I regret. I only was doing things for her because working things out which she agreed with. So I got words back. She didn't use me and that any guy would do the same things I did.
I feel messed up because I thought she really was interested. She did have a boyfriend at the time we first made contact but she ended it with him. Also, we have a joint credit card account together which enabled her to get a boob job. Now I feel like I can't trust her anymore with making payments. (She gives me no credit it the fact I helped her get approved)
I just want to know thoughts on this. I still have feelings for her and I just feel I invested way too much to let her go. I feel really confused hurt and messed up. I know if we can get right like before it can work. Insig


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  • she is using you for your money as soon as any one thing she acts mad so you spend more money on her. i suggest you get your name off the credit card , and run as fast as you can from her. oh ya dont look back


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