She wants to date others and doesn't want to be with me right now. I want to be with her still. What should I do?

We dated before for 9 months previously, broke up for a year and 2 months, then we reconnected and dated for about 2 months. She said that she loved me a 8 days or so ago and we broke up a month ago but decided to work on us. I want to get her back. We had a bad fight after she told me that and now we aren't even talking. I dont know what to do. I do believe she is the one but my emotions get the best of me at times. I deeply regret words I told her and she had some words of her own to say. It has been almost a week of no contact and it kills me. I feel like I could have handled things better and not do things to push her away.


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  • I honestly don't think that you two should continue with this on again off again situation. You should either be together and work through your problems and not break up every time or you should just call it quits. I get it sometimes we say things out of anger but that is up to the two of you whether you want to forgive each other. I you have tried reaching out to her or even seeing her and she is not interested give it another week or so and if there is still nothing then it is time to move on. Then she is definitely not the one for you.

    • I have been sitting on an email I was thinking about giving her. I pretty much says Im sorry and I understand why we broke up. I guess I could send it. She is a highly emotional woman that kind of has a Jekyl and Hyde personality. I know she isn't the easiest to deal with but what can I say I love the girl

    • Then just tell her how you feel.. Let her decide where it goes then. But don't hang on to something that is only going to hurt you both in the end. It is not worth it.

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  • Hey if she really loved your she wouldn't be whoring around and dating others...
    You should put a full and final stop to this girl in your life... This girl doesn't know what she wants...

    She is the reason why your emotions get the best of you... Cause it's not fair to you the rest she treats you..

    Hey a new girlfriend... She isn't worth it at all... If I was in your place and she told me that she wants to date others then I would be gone from her life forever and won't get back with her..

    Any girl would only get one chance with me... That's my self esteem..

    You deserve better !


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  • Be honest and tell her that you still love her and your sorry for things you didn't mean, if she really loves you and your meant to be then it will happen! If not then remember why you broke up and don't allow the good times to override the real reasons you broke up in the first place. Hope everything works out good luck! 😊

    • I was thinking about reaching out. Its been a week now since we last spoke. I am a bit hesitant because we both said really harmful things to each other

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    • I think I will reach out. The only form is through email or text though unfortunately. Im blocked from all else

    • Ok good luck

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