Was my ex a bad person... or did he simply not care about me but was still a good person?

we dated for two and a half years. He was perfect while we were dating. very sweet, loved spending time with me, always did things for me, did his best to make me happy, etc. then, he changed. he got invovled in partying. he cheated on me and lied about it for a month then dumped me the day after telling me. he had sex with another girl a week later, but told me he still loved me and we were still gonna get married. he lead me on for nine months, acted like he still loved me, we would cuddle, kiss, hug, hook up, etc. it was the same as when we were dating. he even watched my dog when I was out of town. he called me cute and told me he liked me and was always very affectionate and flirty. he told me I would always mean something to him because of our history together. then one day, he invited me to go see him at school. i drove four hours to see him and when i got there he said he changed his mind about hanging out and he ended up going to a frat party while i waited in a cold car. he then admitted he had only been using me for sex and that he had been dating another girl the whole time. he said he felt nothing for me and that i needed to get over him and get out of his life. he blocked me on all social media and blocked my number. is it possible that he is a good person, just didn't care about me and thats why he acted that way? or are these things only a bad person could do?
  • He's a good person he just doesn't care about you anymore.
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  • He is not a good person, a good person would never do those things.
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  • People don't change, their priorities do. Most people are not loyal to other people. ... they are only loyal to their own needs and wants. Once their priorities change then so do their loyalties. You ceased being his priority. Good people still hurt others.


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  • He was using you to pass time...


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