Never felt we closed the book?

I knew this girl for a couple months---we talked for a while, I asked her out a couple times, we went out and enjoyed. Due to whatever circumstances, though, we lost touch; we just stopped contacting each other. There was nothing disharmonious at all; I guess we just went on with our lives. It's been several months and I started thinking about her again; it felt like our relationship never had closure.

I'm wondering if other people had similar experiences and whether it's best to just move on and enjoy whatever happened, even though it wasn't much.


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What Girls Said 1

  • yeah it takes time. I Find being busy helps a lot and I'm sure something happened to cause the split. sometimes you got to find your own closure. forgive yourself for the mistakes and know you did not mean to cause that to occur etc. somethings happen for a reason.


What Guys Said 1

  • Was that your first relationship?

    In my case, that thing happen to me with my first relationship, I gave her reasons about me breaking up with her. After a month I had this feeling I need a kind of closure but there was no need for one since I had already given her my reasons. So I didn't do a post-talk or closure.

    It was hard to forget her but I know that I wasn't feeling good in my relationship so there was no need to keep going on.

    Its akward having a conversation after a breakup.

    How did I solved this?

    Give it time, you will eventually forget her, and hit on other girls.

    I gave it time and we are friends again and awkwardness has gone away. Hope I helped you.


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