Guys, What do you think the main goal is for someone whose out to hurt you emotionally?

Like we got into a fight and I've been giving him space but his behavior is so strange like I really feel deep down in my heart that this man truelly wants me to hurt, and I don't get it. Like I'm the type of person to let things go. I may grieve a bit but I move on faster than most people. So what is it that he wants?

Whats a good way to ask him how he feels without the drama. I feel like this may be a good way for him to tell me how he feels maybe... I don't know. Guys how do I get him to talk?


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  • When my girlfriend is a jerk I want her to feel how terrible and upset I do. Sometimes I can't sleep cause of the shit she says or does. Not sure how fast I would move on. Apologize if you think it was your fault or just invite him to do something you know. Tell him you miss him if you really do

    • I miss you. (With puppy dog eyes... you think it'll work?) I do miss him and I do apologize.😔 I never would want to hurt someone so special to me ya know? I wasn't talking about moving on to different people but the situation at hand. Thank you for hour help I feel loads better

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  • "I need you to talk to me and tell me what you're feeling"


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