Is it a break up scene?

I didn't do anything wrong but my girlfriend didn't read any of my messages finally she sent me this " I just wanna be alone for few days" so is it break up scene?


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  • She doesn't break up with you, but needs some time figuring things out. But it's best you prepare for the worst, because she doesn't say this without any reason.

    • I dunno what to say, it's just hard for me to sit idle yesterday I bought her an apple mac she mentioned once her old one is broken so I thought would cheer her up but still no reply

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    • I really have no idea! But if she pissed of something i did she would say for sure am i right?

    • Yes I would tell you if I was mad at you and explain why.

  • It appears she is contemplating the relationship , so needs some space right now to meditate on what she wants. It doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna breakup with you


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