Fallout with ex girlfriend now she wants to date others. Im reaching out 8 days after with apology/acceptance type email. Its a read. Thoughts?

Its a read but I just looking real honest opinions on this. Yes my plan is to get back in her life. Check it out... its coming in separated

Im reaching out to you as a man who realized how special you are to him. A man who made mistakes. I've been thinking about you a lot recently and how I blew it. Im guilty for taking you for granted and not trying as hard to fix the problems that we had back then. I've looked back, and I understand why you wanted to leave. I can see why you werent the happiest with us, and although there are plenty of things I'd like do over again I know you've given me plenty of chances, and at the time I didn't show you that I was learning from them.

I realize now that I should have put my ego aside and looked at things from your point of view. I couldnt see past my own ego. You were stressing about life at times and even though I was there for you, here you were, trying to work things out with me. I should have appreciated that. I appreciate all the beauty and value that you add to my life and its treasured. I should have stopped fighting, told you that I appreciate you, and talked out everything so we could be able to see eye to eye.

I know you didn't appreciate me calling incessantly at times and tripping at times. How frustrated I made you. I needed to respect your decision to want some space. I'm sorry I made it sound and seem like it was up to you to make me happy. Thats not your job, I realize that its on me to make myself happy. I am a man. I am the musculine edge. I realize that its not just all about me.

I get it now. I get that its not that you may have feelings for me or anything along those lines. I've said to you many times that we can fix the problems we had. I know that by jumping headfirst into a relationship with me, you would be taking a risk. I know you dont want to take the chance that I don t keep my promises and you feel unhappy again because I didn t make the change I said Im go
Here is the rest that got cut...

Im going to make. So I think what you're doing is reasonable.

Looking back on things from your perspective, I can't really blame you. I've said before that I wanted to work things out and start listening, I really meant those words when I said them. But I recognize that you have given me chances to figure out what I needed to do. And as patient as you were with me at times, you had your limit, and I respect your decision.
I know I made promises to fix everything I was doing wrong and have a loving relationship again, but I understand how you would be hesitant to take my word for it. I mean we already had a break once and that didn't make me see. It took us breaking up and you telling me you want to date others for me to figure it out. I know its probably too late for me now to actually walk the walk, I just wanted you to know that I understand why we didn't work. I understand what I should have done to make it work


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  • It is a lovely email, and it sounds as though you have learnt from your mistakes... And it will take for you to loose someone very special for you to realise those mistakes. In saying all of the above, do you know exactly how you are going to right all those wrongs? Because there are a lot of them. And this may be an indicator to her that this relationship is not worth salvaging as there was so much wrong with it.

    I guess the problem is, if she is ready to date someone else, then her heart left the relationship long before it broke up.

    Send it to her, and good luck, but please do not hold out hope that she will come running back into your arms..

  • Awww, wait is there more. It's so beautiful when a person has a certain perspective and well just get it, ya know. It's nice heart felt and believe able.
    It's nice of you to consider her feelings, it sounds like you actually took a step back and consider her feelings for you and her situation.


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