Went to break up with my partner but he's being extremely nice and affectionate?

I had finally mustered up the courage to break up with him, but he started being really nice and affectionate and I started feeling guilty. Why? He is never like this, he is usually very insensitive and cold. Maybe he could tell I was going to do it. I don't know. It hasn't changed my feelings for him, which is that I no longer have feelings for him. But it's making it so much harder to say. :(


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  • A guy's attitude with you depends on your attitude
    If are always nice and always available even if he loves you he will treat you bad
    If you really want him to always be that nice then work on yourself men don't love women who are always available and they don't like weak women , needy women
    They love a women who they have to die to get to.
    I was so nice with my boyfriend for 2 years and it led into him cheating and being bad and very mean with me I dumped him and for months and he kept trying to talk to me but I pulled the " no contact rule" but when I got back with him I wasn't the same I had my rules
    If he says something bad about me I will hang up the phone and make him die to get my forgiveness when he sees that its hard to get you back after a fight he will not fight with you
    When he wants to hang out dont! Go out woth your girl friends take selfies be a strong educated women and you'll see the difference and of you want to get back with him now dont have sex yet make him wait until you feel comfortable with him


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  • I think he senses a breakup is imminent and he's trying to thwart it then after you agree to stay it'll be back to the old ways


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  • Does he have any idea you want to break up? Because if he does he will be sweet and loving for a very short period of time. This will not last and once he sees that the storm has settled he will go back to treating you exactly the same way he did before. He is putting on a show, if he truly cared for you, he would always treat you w/care.


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