Which girl should I choose?

So me and my ex are going to be talking a lot about going back out, but there is this other girl I known longer that is finally thinking of giving me a chance. That sounds awesome but here is good/bad things about both of them.

My ex is cute and sweet but she is uber clingy and whines a lot. Where we do go to the same school and share one class and the same lunch, she hangs out with kids I really am not sure I wanna be around. She said she hang with me instead but it makes me feel bad. Also every time we talk we end up either fighting or want to have sex... :( and I can't call that a relationship

The other girl is so HOT! (Like fires burning down a gas factory) but she is kinda...not a girlfriend kinda person. At least she used to be kinda flirty and then she cheats. Now she swears she is like a good person. I know her pretty well but I can't tell if she is really honest about this change.

Please I need help soon cause I am being like force to give answers...they may hold me hostage lol (I am not playing)

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  • Well, you can always give the hottie a try. If she hasn't changed you will be able to tell, just keep a good eye on her and give her restricitons? But With you ex, it just depends on what your willing to deal with. I mean if you don't mind her all over you every second then go for it. I say, follow what your heart want the most. :) Hope this helped.


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  • I wouldn't date either girl. If you want to be friends with them I would do that but nothing more. If the second girl has changed you will be able to tell without a doubt. I would be iffy with her. More than likely once a cheater always a cheater.

  • why not just be friends with both of them? Then you could hang out with them both


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