I made a huge mistake. Is there anything I can do?

I want to start out by saying, its my fault and i should have never took her love for granted. We were together for about a year and in that year i would get upset with her over the stupidest things. I saw that butbi had no idea how to fix it. It brought on dumb fights that would turn into big ones for no reason. So the last fight we had was huge it started by my just trying to be playful at the wrong time it turned into a big yelling match that scared her i quickly saw that and i snapped right out of it and tried to hold her and calm her down... but it was to late little did i know... after that fight everything seem fine and i thought we got threw it we went to the pard yada yada. The next day i go to work i call her on break she tells me she is still messed up from the fight and end up leaving. Blocks me from contacting her in anyway i tried to stop her before she made the mistake in twlling her family but it was to late. We talked a little bit after that not much of anything good because she says now it won't work because her family will never accept me. Are relationship was not horrible there were a lot of good times as well obv im telling about the bad because i need help ! I can see the mistakes that i have made and that i should have done somthing sooner to have avoided this whole situation. But now her family foes nothing but convince her to stay away from me like i am a monster. I love her with all my heart and have been there for her for anything and everything she ever needed. I love her more then anything in this world she is the only one i need in my life. But now she won't even text me let alone a phone call i would do anything to change my self for the good of the relationship if she gave me the chance she means the world to me but i can't get her to even talk to me. I dont know what to do my heart is being destroyed. All i want is the chance to show her i love her and i will do what it takes to fix are relationship and trwat her like a qween.


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  • Change first. Then let her see that you have. She may give you another chance but don't bet on it.
    What were you doing ';play fighting' with her and trying to 'hold her to calm her down'? You need to understand that this type of behaviour is frightening and wrong.
    Your constant trying to get in touch with her now is more of the same.
    You have to let her go and keep a distance. Don't make the decision to change your behaviour be conditional on whether or not she takes you back. You need to change anyway, or you will continue to make these mistakes.
    Give it a few weeks, maybe 4-6 and then write her a brief letter apologising and ask if she would meet you for a coffee or something. If she says no. Leave it. She has moved on and so must you. If she does agree to see you, keep it friendly and use the opportunity to show her that you have changed. Be polite and attentive. Don't declare your undying love for her or tell her how much you've missed her. She doesn't want to hear that.
    Good Luck

    • No we were not play fighting i dont know were u would get an idea like that or if your just trying to be mean if you read again you can see i said i snaped out of it she threw her lighter at me and i was mad we yelled at eachother she started to get very upset that when i was like damit why are we doing this then i tried to hold her and calm her down. Look i know that i messed up she has made a lot of mistakes as well but i can see in a womens eyes that what happend could be very scary. I always took her back when she made bad choices during the times she was upset how do i deserve no chance at all? If given the chance i would NEVER let it come to that again but i just prey that there will be another chance i do love her very much and have treated her very well besides those flaws ofcorse im not a monster im human i make mistakes, i never hit her or anything it was a bad screaming match. That im paying for very hard right now

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  • i hate to be the one to tell you this but she has been feeling the pain and sorrow you are feeling for a wile. the last argument was just the last straw to the damage that was done over time. if you truly care for her let her go so she can find happiness. look at this a a learning experience to what not to do in a relationship so it isn't repeated.


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