Is my ex girlfriend's sister flirting with me?

My ex's doesn't want anything to do with me but her sister has kept me on her Facebook and though we don't communicate much at all on there she's been cool to me like when I asked her to tell her mom, a teacher, that I finished my substitute teaching credentials and would appreciate any jobs she could send my way.

Last weekend she told me that she had a book her sister borrowed from me a while ago and that she'd try to get it back to me sometime. I told her to drop it by or call me and then later realized that it might not be the best thing to have her dropping by my house because I am not one to rock the boat. I emailed her and told her that if it would cause problems then not to worry about it and she responded almost immediately, "Who said it would cause problems, silly?"

What's going on here? I know her parents still love me. A friend's dad and I are friends and he's friends with the ex's parents and he told me that the her dad said any problems were all on her (I disagree, I screwed up at times) and the sister was really encouraging during the tumultuous times but is she flirting with me now? Would she really have a crush on me or something like that or maybe does she just want to see me and her sister get back together?

What do you think?


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  • It sounds like she's flirting.


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