Broke up, Got back now wants he wants to take things slow?

Met my ex online in Dec, we connected straight away and he showered me with attention and said he hadn't felt a connection like ours in a long time everything was fine but then he became distant, I found out he was still going online so I ended it with him. He's begged me back each time but due to my trust issues and insecurities I've ended it. It's hard because I know I should forget about him and move on but I haven't felt a connection like this in so long I just feel like I'm not ready to let it go. We had a heart to heart and he said that he felt I wasn't giving my all and I was holding back hence why he went online but he does feel a different connection with me and feels like we rushed the relationship at first (his doing not mine) and wants to take things slow and see how it goes. I said if he wants to keep his options open and date others then he can but we can't see eachother anymore and he said he's not keeping his options open but doesn't want to rush things again and we don't work out so let's date again and get to know eachother properly ( we were together for 3 months) I know I probably sound foolish but we have an amazing connection and I don't want to throw it away if there is potential but I also don't want to be taken for a ride. He said he has trust issues and knows he messed up but does want to see me and see where we go , he also said that he does want a relationship with me but doesn't want to rush this time.. Am I being played or should I give it one more shot?
Should I give it another shot?


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  • i would on one condition exclusive relationship. and both to be open and honest about everything when someone asks a question.


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