What to do in this situation?

My ex finally reached out to me after a long time. She said she had no right to say this but wanted to say that even if she gave up on herself, asked that I never give up on her. Obviously I didn't, I bettered myself over the time she wasn't talking to me. We've been talking a lot lately, but when it comes down to if one side brings up our old relationship (her or me) it seems to get tense. She tells me she's scared to get back together because of how I was in the past. The me I hate and never want to be again, the me I will not let lead me anymore, but helped me learn what I should never do again and helped me become a better person. How can I get her to see this? To have her stopped fearing us getting back together and help her know that I'm always there for her? She reached out to me before anybody else when she had fallen into a deep hole herself. I want to help her out of that hole even though I did t get help to climb out of mine, because I really needed to learn by myself. She doesn't deserve what has happened to her and I have been doing all that I can to show her that I've been there for her always, no matter what the past held. The past doesn't dictate me, it just helped me become better. What can I do?

News, I was betrayed by somebody that I never knew would betray me. Now my ex won't talk to me, I lost her trust completely, she won't talk to me again, not for a long time. She said I was an asshole and that I never changed. I don't know what to do. What should I do? T-T
Is it wrong to talk to her parent about things that worried me about her? Should I never have talked to anybody else that was related to her? I was made out to be a bad guy, and now I've been ruined. I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • Tell her you want to prove you've changed and if she doesn't believe you at first just keep providing you've changed

    • If you can't show it in person, how do you think one can show it over texting and calling? My ex is 1700 miles away for school. I'm not one hundred percent sure how the best approach can be done.

  • If you have explained all of that to her , then i guess it will take time to prove you will always be there for her


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