Is my ex-boyfriend playing games? What's his deal?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 12 days ago. We had been dating for almost a year and it came as a huge surprise to me since we were making plans for the future. He was always the girl in my opinion. IE He asked me to be his girlfriend, asked about anniversary plans, etc. We had our very first big blow up and he decided to end things.

I text him a few days later apologizing for my behavior as I started the fight , and said I still wanted to be his girl if he'd have me. He said he wasn't good at relationships and that he can't be in one right now because he has too many problems. He tells me I'm perfect and amazing. How he loves and cares about me very much, how I'm the best girlfriend ever, and that he still wants me in his life when this all blows over as friends.

I told him that I accept his decision to break things off but we can't be friends.

I then asked when we should meet up to exchange our belongings (he has my entire dvd collection). He told me to just trash his stuff. Which of course I won't do because that stupid and messed up. I then suggest dropping it off at the security station at his apt complex to aviod any uncomfortableness we may have.

He said that was crazy and that we could meet up. I said I only wanted to drop off and exchange via my car. He says he doesn't understand why we can't see each other and talk since we've dated for almost a year.

I told him it wasn't good for me and that after this conversation I don't know what else there is to talk about. He seemed to be getting fussy over it so I told him we could talk on the phone and to let me know when he wanted to do it since he has a busy schedule.

That was a week ago and I haven't heard anything. Is there a reason why he's prolonging this break up? It was his decision after al
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Why play games though? We're over.


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  • tell him plainly what you want and ask him if he's just messing around
    sometimes you just have to get to the meat of it
    life is too short to risk getting hurt by not being direct imho

    • I did. I reached out a few days after the break up to apologize and to see if it could work. If he's done with me then why not just be done with me. Why meet up and talk? That just gives me hope that it could work out but he already told me no.

    • hang in there im sorry its happening to you
      go out treat yourself take some space away from him
      you deserve better

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