Ex boyfriend dating new girl but still texts me and calls?

I was with him for 3 years and things went very wrong and he broke up with me. 8 months later I called him for his birthday and we wound up talking for over 3 hours and he has been texting me all day (really flirty and calling me sweetie and hunny) as well as calling to talk a few times. I really love and was thrilled until he told me that he has a "girlfriend" who he has been with for about a month and a half but that he hardly sees and talks to her because she is so busy with school and that he doesn't really even see them working out. He claims he just wants to stay "really close friends" with me and does not want to get back together but I know flat out that he doesn't treat his "friends" like this. I really want him back. What should I do? Also this is all long distance...so it makes things a little more difficult. They both go to the same school while I haven't seen him since the summer. Help! I really don't know what to do!


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  • He just want the friendship.


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