Girls, Why did my ex apologize after 3 years?

I dated this girl for 2 years and she left me for another guy. She said some pretty bad things to me during the break up. She would randomly contact me through out their relationship. The last time we talked (2 years ago) I told her I won't forget the good times we had and if she wanted to be back in my life, she would need to say sorry.

Well she got dumped by the guy she left me for 3 years after the BU. She then jumped into another relationship with another guy soon after. They are still together. But today, she sent me a facebook message (we are not friends on Facebook. I have not spoken to her in 2 years, and I haven't seen her in 3). Her message reads:

"Hey ____. I hope you're doing well!. Hate to bring it up right off the bat, but im really sorry for how everything went down when we broke up. I just tried to do what I thought was best, and maybe it wasn't what was best for the both of us. Maybe I didn't handle it the best way that I could have and for that Im sorry. Anyways, I hope you're doing well! Im sure you are successful and doing good things. I have tremendous amount of good memories from college and our days together. They were fun times! Ill never forget the house on High, trips to the lake, our vacation and me living in ___ (my home town) for the summer, just to name a few. Anyways, I hope this message doesn't upset you. I really wish you the best! - ___"

By the way, the memories she brought up, were some of the ones I said to her in the letter 2 years ago. So what are her intentions?


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  • She regrets leaving you for someone else

  • A few months.. Ok. .. but two years? Really.. Best case scenario u were the fallback. If not of multiple others


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