How do I get over someone like this?

When I was 15 I fell in love with a 25 year old. When my parents found out they cut off all ties to him and warned him to never contact me again. A few months later I get a text from him and we secretly continue our relationship. To give you a good idea we talked every single night for a year I remember pulling all nighters on school nights just because I was talking to him. Although after pretty much a year of that things got serious and I was scared of losing my "normal teen experience" and I also wasn't ready to give everything up for him. So I ended things. Now I am 17, and EVERYTHING reminds me of him. I cry almost every night. I'm scared of going places because there could be a chance I would see him. I have nightmares of him and I constantly shake when ever I think of him. I'm even in a relationship now that was ruined because I just can't feel anything. How do I get to be the girl I was at 15 before all of this. She was so innocent and happy. Is it possible to get over this?


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  • did you lose contact with him? If i were you id give it another shot? As someone whos made similar mistakes you never make the mistake of leaving what you gave up the first time as you realize just how important he probably is to you

    • I had many reasons to lose contact with him. Besides the fact of missing him and all of what I have already said. I'm glad I ended things because he wanted me to run away with him and leave everything family and all behind. I just couldn't do that and it would have been the only way to continue things. I just don't get why I can't get over him. If I rlly wanted to get in contact with him again I could. I have many diffrent ways but I'd figure it would be too late and not the best idea for the safety of both of us.

    • They say cures are made of viruses.. But maybe im just a romantic.. Anyway whatever your decision is im sure you'll live with. Good luck

    • Thankyou

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  • Yes, by realizing that he was basically a pedo.


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