Is it okay to ask for a second chance from a guy I broke up with a year ago?

we were both in love with each other,we were each others' first love.. but I broke up with him because my parents won't allow me to have a relationship yet. he pleaded me to just hide our relationship but he pleaded on deaf ears because I was too paranoid about my parents. after the break up, I ignored him because it just breaks my heart. it has been a year already and as far as I know both of us didn't date anybody,though had some flings but not major or anything. but this time I just can't take it anymore. I want to scream at him that I still really love him. I suffered enough because of all the hurt I brought to the relationship. I still regret over what had happened. I still love him so much but I don't know what to do anymore.should I let go or hold on? :'(


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  • It's not okay.


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