Cheating girlfriend?

first I want to mention that I live in Jordan and have an Arab girlfriend, and here if a girl is caught in a relation she would get into a lot of trouble :s..

I discovered that my girlfriend was cheating on me today by hacking her Facebook account , she cheated on me with two guys, so I called her and told her that everything is over between us, then she started begging me and telling me how sorry she is ,but I hang up on she dressed up in the middle of the night and wanted to go out to see me! and when her dad asked her where she's going she told him that she loves me and she's going to apologize to me, so her dad smashed the keyboard in her face and locked her on the roof the whole night, and he said that he will make her drop college.

after that she called me and I answered and she kept on begging me to forgive her and that she will do anything to get me back :(.

Does she deserve a second chance?


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  • Yes, she does.

    • Thx 4 the answer, but can you explain y?

    • If she went through all that trouble just to apologize to you and gain you back then I think she deserves a second chance but keep both eyes wide open, if you even sense that she might not be faithful to you like she was and that she will cheat again, then I don't think you should get back.

    • Thx again..i guess that's what iam going to do :)

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  • actions speak louder than words do in may cases.. if she's that frantic and apologizing that profusely there could be a chance she ma fly right.. however I would make it perfectly clear that any misconduct of sch will not be tolerated in the future.. and there would be no more chances after that. that she'll have to walk on eggs shells for a while until she can build up the trust that you need to know shell never do it again...
    I would make her earn your forgiveness (although you might forgive her instantly she might not need to know that you may have) relationships is like a cracked piece of glass her transgression even though fixed is still viewable and seen by you as a reminder of that.. however if she works at proving that she can be that girl you love she can literal make it a though it was new.. as said actions speak louder than words her actions for making it right must line up to her words.. not say one thing and do another type thing.
    however any actions you take are up to you... only you know this girl well enough to know if she seems to mean what she says (hopefully)


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  • Holy f*** go over there and kick her faggot dad's ass and get your women back.

    • I really wish that :(

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