The girl who I had an affair with wants me to continue cheating on my girlfriend, How to stop her?

I'm the guy who asked a question befor about cheating on my girlfriend and feel guilty. here:

I didn't mention that the other girl was also her friend and now she says she doesn't see it as a one time mistake but she thinks that we have feeling for eachother and can countinue. I love my girlfriend and don't want to cheat on her with her friend and want to stop and act like never happened.
I'm scared if this girl tell her or she find by her own.
I didn't know she was such a slut girl. How to stop this girl from being a cheat?


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  • It's not that girl's fault that you cheated on your girlfriend. Take responsibility for your own actions. Tell your girlfriend that you cheated and cut off contact with the other girl if you are serious about wanting to work on your relationship. Your girlfriend has the right to decide if she wants to stay with someone who cheated on her. It is selfish and immature to continue to lie to her and avoid facing the consequences of what you've done.

    • How its not her fault? of course it was mine too but she is the part of the problem no doubt.

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  • I didn't know she was such a slut girl.
    Who's the slut here?

    How to stop this girl from being a cheat?

    • She betrayed on her long time friend with her boyfriend isn't sign of being slut?

  • you can't stop the girl being a cheat once a slut always a slut, only thing to do is tell her before she does

    • I'm scared about her reaction, what if she wants to leave me?

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