My girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks I need urgent advice please before I lose my mind?

We were dating and we were exclusive for 4 months but during this time I kept seeing red flags that she is cheating. I kept my mouth shut but th signs kept coming up so I confronted her and it pissed her off and a week later she broke up with me because she claims I don't trust her... I walked off and didn't beg. It has been no contact or 3 weeks now and I finally figured out he was cheating on me!

i want to break contact and call her and call her out on it I'm so pissed. What should I do!!


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  • Call once and if she doesn't pick up leave a short text saying that you don't like the way things ended and you should meet and talk things through before you can both move on. If she picks up, don't be on the phone for long, keep things brief and to the point. Then if she says yes, you can say everything you wanted to her face and have done with it, but if she says no, screw her and get with her friend. The one that she's known for ages and is easy, every girl has at least one friend like that. that will piss her off no end. Or 'bump into' her parents and tell them what a cheating hoe of a daughter they have :)

  • Go ahead. Call her out. Make blind assumptions based on a song. she's not over (you). She misses you. You rejected her. Remember.

    • She still hopelessly in love with you but is working on ways to handle her emotions better.

    • What you are saying does not relate to what my original post states.

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