Girls, confusion with ex gf?

My ex girlfriend is with a new guy. But we are still friends and she calls me at least onexpensive to two times a day plus text me sporadically during the day. Now I text her during the day. Occasionally sending me pics. She also will text, call, and send pics when with new guy. I want her back I want to marry her however she is with this guy and has told me she is not sure what will happen with him or our friendship. She wants to be with me but is cautious given my complacency in the past causing us to break up.


What Girls Said 2

  • You could tell her that as long as she's with him all you'll be is friends. If she was single then maybe something more could happen but you won't cheat on her new guy with her.
    Start dropping hints about oh do you remember this? Mention a funny memory where you were both in love and happy. Start leaving little messages like that and she'll start to think about you in a different way.
    I'd also be extremely careful about being too good of a friend towards her. Once you're in that friendzone it's near impossible to get out of it.

  • You need to shut down all communications with her.. This is not healthy and it will only lead to another heartache.
    If she reaches out to you in protest, explain to her that either she comes back or goes away for good. Nothing in between or half ass.