Out of nowhere breakup!

no fights only love for 5 months! then he breaks up with me. his explanation was that his gpa was low, he now had soccer practice 5 days a week, and he was leaving for the whole summer to play soccer (he wants to become professional). He said that he loved me so much he couldn't stop thinking about me causing him to get distracted. So I accepted it, and told him I understood. But everything seemed okay until we went on a date and these guys started fighting him for me! 2 days later he breaks up with me, out of no where! So now he comes up to talk to me everyday once or twice. I noticed that wen he talks to me he holds my hand, kisses my forehead, doesn't want to let go, says he misses me, wears the cologne I bought him, and when I walk right past him he'll pool me over! what's his problem does he want me back, what is going through his mind?


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  • Maybe he wanted to break up with you for all the reasons he said, but realized that he still misses you and can't really accept it so quickly. If that's the case, you should just talk to him, because whether you're offically with him or not, he is still techinically able to 'think' about you, therefore, you pretty much still have that 'distracting' power.


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