Girls, What's is my ex girlfriend thinking?

Ok ex girlfriend of 4 years left due to grass is greener and therefore got into. A rebound 1/2 weeks later. Before she left she spent like £50,000 n left it n took the other half so I'm left with like £30,000 worth of stuff. So she's in a rebound with some new guy who has friends we didn't have much of a social life. But he is everything that she said she hated he smokes weed, drinks, wears horrible clothes , has trampy friends BUT has friends. I on the other hand have nice clothes , more of a health fanatic , have a lot of the stuff She bought , our buisness (more of a long term guy ) . So I started no contact and she keeps ringing me making excuses to talk to me. Like she rang me I ignored she rang another 3 times I text her saying I sent your stuff. She rang again and replied with a text saying your catalogue wants money ( even though she knows I know. So I text saying thank you. So then after 5 days she rings again I ignore she texts saying "Kieran , ring me " . So I did and she said some petty excuse to ring me. So she never told me about new boyfriend so I didn't even say anything about it. So after today's quick phone call I said in. a text sorry but I can't talk there's no point unless you want to sort us out. And that unless she wants to don't contact me I then said good luck with your boyfriend and I wish her the best for the future. So she didn't respond. What the hell is this girls problem does she want me or not. Does she want to keep me hanging?


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  • Lol she wants you back. We don't call guys if we're not interested, trust me. He new boyfriend is the rebound but it looks like she's starting to realise he isn't you and the novelty is wearing off. You were together for 4 years, that's a lot of memories and feelings. Do you want her back?

    • Tbh I feel like we can work on this but until she says she wants to I'm not doing anything. I do feel like she needs to work on herself rather than jump into relationships. I don't feel threatened by her new b. f as he just seems to be the perfect example of what she actually hated in a guy but at the moment there's no solid evidence that she's willing to make another go at it

  • She may be in a rebound but it doesn't really matter. When someone's in a rebound people automatically assume they're going to come back but that's not always the case. I wouldn't worry about what she wants I would really try to reflect on yourself in a relationship and how it happened. She's the one who left so she wants you back she have to make it clearer than that. If you haven't been broken up that long you need to give her time anyway.

    • Hi thank you for your opinion it's really confusing as i thought ok she has a boyfriend after 2 weeks I'm gone so then I stop contacting her and she keeps ringing me so after the phone call I sent a text saying " I'm sorry but I can't talk to you because there's no point unless you actually want to sort us out I also said all the best with your boyfriend and that I would of preferred if we could sort it but I respect your wishes. She never responded. So I left it at that

    • Then yeah I'd leave it alone

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