She's trying for attention?

My ex girlfriend dumped me 4weeks ago we had a crazy argument , I begged her and chased her and now ignored her she been trying to get my attention by blocking and unblocking me on whatsapp and now she has opened a lines of communication back again to make me contact her but I set all my accounts to private what should I do is she playing games normally she will cut me off compeletely. But now she kept putting her pic up and setting it to private she don't text me just goes online and checks, I never contact at her at all no attention.
It's like she's watching my move so I set my accounts to private been avoiding her for 3weeks now


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What Girls Said 2

  • Do you want her back? If yes then you both need to stop playing these games. It's only hurting both of you more and neither of you are happy by doing it.
    If you're happy without her and don't want her back then you need to block her completely and delete all traces of her. It all depends on what you want right now..

    • I do want her it's her playing these games what can I do?

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    • It's your decision but honestly? I've done the same and then texted my ex first, we now talk every day. So if you want her back text her.

    • It's no ego thing or anything but she dumped me, reject me twice and basically told me she don't want to be with me it's not hard for her to contact me lol

  • Block her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, of course she is being immature and is playing games with you. Now that she has dumped you, you should just forget about her, and moreover you need to ask yourself a question, do you really want a woman back who believes in playing such games with you?, a woman who would be immature enough to do this?

    Do you really want to be with such a woman? I mean in future what is she does something purposely to test you by making you jealous ( on purpose)? It can happen right?

    Hence in my view, you should just forget about her, block her out if you have too.

    I mean that's my view, then it's your choice in the end.

    • Why is she is bothered about the break up she has left everything unblocked by won't contact me I've been ignoring her for weeks

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