Why say he still wants to be with me then deliberately ignore me.. Sociopath?

I broke up with my ex (who now on reflection I think may be a narcissist or sociopath) and he contacted me recently saying he still feels a connection to me and still wants us to be together but maybe we should take things slow and get to know eachother properly lol funny as he's the one who rushed the relationship in the first place. Stupidly I unblocked him and decided to see how things go, as I've been single for ages and he's the first guy in a LONG time that I actually thought I had a connection with.. Anyway we were talking on whatsapp on the weekend for about an hour when he randomly disappears offline and didn't come back online until today, only he's deliberately not opening my message, but I can see that he's been online all day. When we spoke on the weekend I said its best we go our separate ways as it seems he wants to see others (I caught him secretly online dating hence why I broke up) and he said he only did it because he felt I wasn't giving my all.. But doesn't want to end things because he has a "different" connection with me and he really likes me still. It's clear he's probably seeing someone new but I don't understand why he won't end it with me, why tell me you want to still see me yet deliberately ignore me when he could just end it and do his own thing.. It's really hard for me to get my head around and I would appreciate any opinions on this


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  • This post made me ill to read. Sounds eerily relateable for me. Dunno what to tell you:(

    • its such a head fuck honestly

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    • All I can say is read up on narcissistic and sociopath men it helps understand that behaviour abit more but it's still confusing. It's hard but I'm just gonna move on and not give him any more chances, time to get off the head fuck merry go round šŸ˜’

    • I think in my case narcissist is more accurate for him. He cares he just cares about himself most.

  • Been in the car all day

    • My sad reality is revealed.. Glad we put a label on it. you're to good for me jšŸ˜”.

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