Is my ex wanting attention after breaking up with me and playing games?

My ex girlfriend dumped me 4weeks ago we had a huge argument been with her 3 years I begged and chased her twice with flowers the next day so I got rejected.

i get text from her showing guilt and apologising i then went to her house again told to unblock me and have to think about getting back together which was wrong lol, she then unblocked me, I began ignoring her setting all my accounts to private she kept texting me for attention then another day she sent a text of the screen shot of the nasty things I said to her during the argument, i said to her what's this about now?

She said "this fucks me up" then basically said "I don't want this anymore, your just funny person that's I got to say" I then carried on ignoring her she then set her profile private to make it as like she blocked me again this whole time she left it unblocked constantly showing her profile pic and taking it off and open up the lines of communication again even till now like she wants my attention what can I do here? I she playing games or does she miss me want me around but won't say it? It's been three weeks now i still don't text her and she don't either


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  • She may have at the beginning it could've been two things she was acting up and triggering you to keep you talking to her or she just wanted to keep playing games, meaning she was still trying to hurt your feelings further. By sending screen shots of an argument that was already past.
    Either way noether of you have made contact for three weeks so more than likely she is done now. And is eother waiting for you to message her or she's stopped playing around

    • What should I do?

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    • Sorry it's been 2weeks I meant

    • Well, same options apply. Make it clear what to u want but if it's not for that you shouldn't chase her she needs to come to you. She might do anything or a lot to get your attention but her stopping can be 1 of two things. She's done and will leave you alone. Or has run out of ideas to make you initiate things.
      Unfortunately everything takes time and if in a few days or weeks if you feel it's worth it you can message her first but give it time for her to straighten things outhat herself

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