My ex asked if I'm talking to anyone yet? Does he want me back? Can someone help please?

We haven't been broken up that long, we were together for almost 3 years we discussed the possibility of getting back together after high school because we tend to have a lot of drama during school. However though he said he loves me like no other regardless if we are together or not for the past few days I think he is distancing himself. Anyway we didn't not talk st all yesterday and today I did not show up to school. He messaged me and a little into the conversation he asked "have you been talking to someone already?" We established that we know we don't belong to each other in that sense but I asked back, he said no that he wasn't and he has no reason to lie in a sense he oddly enough hasn't hide anything he does or doesn't do. And I asked him if he was asking out of rumors or if that was his own question. He said it was his own question.
I didn't ask him why he asked but he also asked why I didn't come to school but when I asked him if there was anything else he stopped replying. Before he would say ttyl or if it was evening he'd say goodnight but since for about 3 to 4 days he's doesn't.


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  • You're over analyzing, do your thing and let him try and keep up...


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  • He wants you back or he doesn't want you with anyone else. I did the same thing. We got back together and very happy.

    • How long was it before you got back together? (We've been broken up for about 3 weeks almost a month now)

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    • Awh :) thank you. I hope we do too. Life is complete since we found our way back to eachother. :)

    • Thank you

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