I keep having nightmares about my ex, constantly :/?

So, I can understand maybe the odd nightmare now and then. But recently, I've been having them every night without fail.

Each time it's like nightmares about him walking out. Or nightmares about him never quite commiting, in any situation. And in some of the dreams, kids have been involved. Situations where I've really needed support have been involved and everytime, I've never been able to get a hold of him in my dreams.

So... yeah. I've got to the point of practically being over him. But at the moment, these nightmares keep reminding me of things and are making it harder to forget.

How do I stop the dreams?

  • Your subconscious is trying to remind you of how your relationship would never workout
  • Your subconscious doesn't want you to forget him so quickly
  • This is normal
  • This isn't normal
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  • Just try to focus your thoughts and energy into other stuff. I think eventually with time you will forget about him and get over him. You must be thinking about him a lot subconsciously if that keeps happening.

    • I'm not thinking about him during the day, it's just at night time my mind gets all muddled and I end up dreaming about him. It's basically every night... and I'm not sure how to stop it :/

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    • You are very welcome :) and yeah, that's an idea! I do things like that before I sleep, but all I have is dreams of him leaving me.

    • That is good that you do things like that before you sleep. I hope you can stop dreaming about him. I think you can with time. Also try not to eat junk food.

  • Do you have some unresolved guilt about the breakup?

    • Maybe? I'm not sure. We didn't get s chance to resolve stuff, really.

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    • Yes, someone to play devil's advocate.

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