Will he miss me? Did he cry?

My ex and I were together for 5 years, been broken up now for 5 months. He had it too good! I did everything from housework to paperwork for his business!. He never missed out on going out with he's mates, partying, clubbing all weekend and I was there at the end of it all to pick him up after late nights, drive him where ever he needed to go. I'm more of a home body so at first I didn't mind but one year turned into five years. I was ready to commit and settle down.. Buy our first house start a family..etc etc.. But something scared him? Commitment? Having to grow up? I don't know? Will he one day wake up and realize what he's lost?


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  • I know exactly what is going through your mind. I had my very first real boyfriend of 2 years and he dumped me. I was the best thing he eva had. I'm pretty sure yes he will wake up and realise that your not there to help him with his paperwork or to pick him up and then think what he has lost. 5 years is heaps long. I think he might have never thought of starting a family or settling down. He may have gotten abit scared about maybe thinking he wouldn't have as much free time as what he would. I'm pretty sure if you talk to him about what went wrong and just talk to him. But I garentee he will soon realise what he has lost.


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