Girls, why would you delete a photo of an ex/guy you dated from Facebook?

This girl deleted the only photo of us on Facebook. We weren't even in a relationship and the picture was nothing more than just us standing next to each other. No one would ever think we had something going on when looking at the pic. We look like friends on it.

We weren't in a relationship, the "break-up" was mutual, so why would she delete that pic? All her other gazillion photos are still on, the only one she deleted was that of us.

Any suggestions? And why would YOU delete a photo?


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  • I knew a gal that would create a Camelot for herself based mostly on BS & lies. Of course the closer one was to her, the more these were believed... thus family were her biggest suckers and friends would be her pawns, out there doing what she would not in fear of consequences to her lies.
    She led this poor guy on for years, drooling over his inheritance and was very businesslike about bumps in that road. Finally she reverted to her alley cat ways of going out with gal-friends and flirting/harassing waiters & anyone attracted to their legs/cleavage... until she found one to date on the sly... w/kid #2 on its way, then after. She divorced, made it all his fault (even "beat her" - no photos) then
    proceeded to collect all the together photos
    even unto his school yearbooks
    destroyed them
    and began to create similar ones wit new guy
    similar to what religions do - build the new church building on top of the competitor's ruins.
    As if it never happened and the new photos scream "the truth" on which Camelot is founded, making it difficult/impossible to refute it and claim the real truth past.

  • Ok, I think you heading is a bit of a contradiction. "Girls, why would you delete a photo of an ex" then "We werent even in a relationship" Okaaay!

    I dont know what you guys had but deleting a pic of you and a guy usually means that you want them out of you system. So basically, she is over you and this is the first of many steps to moving on.

    • If it's the first of many steps, then she's NOT over me, but she's *trying* to get over me. Big difference. You don't just delete a photo and then TA-DAH - you're over that person. It hurt when she did it, but a few days ago she posted some out-of-character stuff on Facebook. I got a feeling she's still coping with it and perhaps trying to get a reaction out of me.

    • well she trying to move on but doesn't seem like you want to.

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