Ex is trying play mind games been 2 weeks?

My ex girlfriend dumped me 4weeks ago we had a huge argument been with her 3 years I begged and chased her twice with flowers the next day so I got rejected.

i get text from her showing guilt and apologising i then went to her house again told to unblock me and have to think about getting back together which was wrong lol, she then unblocked me, I began ignoring her setting all my accounts to private she kept texting me for attention then another day she sent a text of the screen shot of the nasty things I said to her during the argument, i said to her what's this about now?

She said "this fucks me up" then basically said "I don't want this anymore, your just funny person that's I got to say" I then carried on ignoring her she then set her profile private to make it as like she blocked me again this whole time she left it unblocked constantly showing her profile pic and taking it off and open up the lines of communication again even till now like she wants my attention what can I do here? I she playing games or does she miss me want me around but won't say it? It's been three weeks now i still don't text her and she don't either it's been 2 weeks


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  • Misses you. .. Badly. but after a certain amount of time, talking to oneself with little to no response makes one question the emotional involvement of the other half. It tires the mind, then you just wonder what they are really feeling and have no idea what to talk about because of communication gaps.

    • So last night we spoke she said she saw my post about her on Facebook she cussed me for that saying she don't care she's over me blah blah she watched me on Facebook her ego was high we talked about how she's gonna miss the good stuff about me she was denial about it I then left her alone she kept texting me cussing me I never replied or read it I saw her picture again she saved my number and today at 2am she cussed me again I ignored her she know put her. She started to put pictures of her looking sexy to make me jealous I think the. Set her profile to private to make as if she blocked me. What is she doing?

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  • Seems like both of you are playing games. Why don't y'all both just break up and say broken up?

    • She's blocking me and unblocking me

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    • I just text her and she is cussing me she seems pissed she said she saw my post on Facebook she was watching me she says she's over me but saves my number now I can her picture

    • Yeah it's a wrap bro. Call it a wrap. Time to ditch her and find another.

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